The BLAST Axe & Archery Club invites you summon forth your inner amazon and throw axes (hatchets) with us. ABOUT AXE THROWING Indoor competitive axe throwing is a sport that is taking off nationwide. Axe-throwing bars are designed to allow people to throw (hatchets, knives, Ninja stars, etc.) at wooden targets. Often with drinks and, sometimes, food. TIME Show up at noon to pay, sign the waiver, and join your team. We will throw for an hour or 20 throws each, whichever comes first. COST $20/person for an hour. (If you want a longer session sometime, it’s $35/person for a 2.5-hour group session- 6 or more people.) Cash preferred, but will take credit cards at the door. ABOUT TODAY • Important: Wear closed-toe shoes. • Our lanes each have two targets, and two women will throw at once. • Since there’s a limit on how many can play, this event is for BLAST members. You can’t bring a guest (except to watch) or RSVP+1 this time. • In the comments below, please write either THROW or WATCH so we have an accurate headcount to give the axe range manager. ABOUT GAME OF AXES Game of Axes opened in Boynton in February 2019. They have seven two-target lanes. Hatchets and big hatchets are currently available for throwing. (Will have knives eventually.) They also have a bar that serves beer, wine, water, and pop. • • PARKING Free parking in lot AGE 18 and older