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  • Domestics (all $4.50)

    Bud Light - (5.0% ABV)

    Budweiser - (5.0% ABV)

    Coors Light - (4.2% ABV)

    Michelob Ultra - (4.2% ABV)

    Miller Lite - (4.2% ABV)

    Yuengling Lager - (4.4% ABV)

  • Imports (all $5.00)

    Corona - (4.5% ABV)

    Corona Light - (4.5% ABV)

    Heineken - (5.0% ABV)

    Modelo - (4.5% ABV)

    Stella Artois - (5.2% ABV)

  • Ciders, Spritzers, & Hard Seltzers

    Ace Pineapple Cider $6.00
    (5.6% ABV) Worlds first pineapple cider. Instant sweet taste with a tart finish

    Angry Orchard $6.00
    (5.0% ABV) Bright, crisp apple flavor, perfect balance of sweetness and dryness of traditional cider

    Funky Buddha Hard Seltzer $7.00
    (4.5% ABV) All Natural hard Seltzer. Delicious fruit flavors and gluten free

    Original Sin Black Widow Cider $6.00
    (6.0% ABV) Fruit-forward yet tart, tantalizing your taste buds. Made with blackberries and freshly pressed New York Apples

    Original Sin Dry Rose’ $6.00
    (6.5% ABV) Refreshing acidity and a smooth semi0dry finish. Made with freshly pressed New York Apples

    White Claw Hard Seltzer $4.50
    (5.0% ABV) Natural flavored hard seltzer multi flavor options

  • Crafts, Ale, Porters, & Stouts

    Abita Strawberry Lager $6.00
    (4.2% ABV) Juicy and crisp strawberry taste. Golden lager with a subtle haze

    Bold Rock Hard Tea $6.00
    (5.0% ABV) Crafted from real tea with a twist of lemon and naturally sweetened finish

    Cigar City Maduro $6.00
    (5.5% ABV) Northern English Brown Ale. Chocolate, espresso with toffee-like qualities and a light woody hop presence

    Copperpoint Lager $6.00
    (5.0% ABV) Malt balanced copper Lager, vegan friendly

    Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen $7.00
    (5.2% ABV) Wheat beer with aromas of bananas, citrus, and cloves

    Hawaiian Lion Coconut Coffee Porter $6.00
    (7.5% ABV) Brewed with Java Dawg Coffee & infused with coconut

    Kentucky Bourbon Ale $10.00
    (8.2% ABV) Kentucky Irish Red Ale aged in bourbon barrels with subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oask for a smooth and robust taste

    Kentucky Vanilla Cream Ale $10.00
    (5.5% ABV) Cold-Conditioned cream ale, brewed with a hint of flaked corn and bourbon vanilla beans aged in bourbon barrels

    Oberon $7.00
    (5.5% ABV) Wheat Ale with spicy hop charateristics and mild fruity armoas

    Purple Haze Raspberry Lager $6.00
    (4.2% ABV) Fruity aroma, sweet yet tart taste with a subtle purple color and haze

    Sea Dog Bluepaw $6.00
    (4.6% ABV) wheat ale with a nutty beginning combined with a sublte wild blueberry flavor

    Shipyard Blood Orange Belgian $6.00
    (5.1% ABV) crisp and refreshing Belgian wheat ale with orange aroma and hints of coriander citrus

    Shipyard Summer Ale $6.00
    (5.1% ABV) a traditional American wheat beer with a crisp malted wheat flavor

    Sweet Baby Jesus $8.00
    (6.2% ABV) a classic full-bodied chocolate and peanut butter porter with a smooth, dry finish

    Victory Sour Monkey $7.00
    (9.5% ABV) fruity notes swirl through a percise sour. pucker up to a bite of citrus laden tang ending with a delectable experience

  • IPAs

    Copperpoint A-10 Red IPA $7.00
    (7.0% ABV) Malt backbone, mango & passion fruit notes, from the mosaic hop

    Coppertail FreeDive $8.00
    (5.9% ABV) hoppy with a crisp malt taste, heavy cirtus and pine on the nose slight bitter finish

    Hop Gun IPA $8.00
    (7.0% ABV) All-American hops with grapefruit & pineapple aromas

    Jai Alai IPA $7.00
    (7.5% ABV) Bold hops with Tangerine & orange peel aromas

    Meltdown $7.00
    (8.0% ABV) lush, hazy, juicy IPA with tropical and bright citrus characteristics. a soft easy finish. loaded up with enough dry-hops to melt your face

    Official Hazy IPA $7.00
    (6.4% ABV) Peach, stone fruit and tropical notes with a balanced bitterness

    Resin Double IPA $7.00
    (9.1% ABV) Massive hop complex with resin & pine notes

    Rouge Batsquatch $8.00
    (6.7% ABV) this juicy, cloudy IPA features intense tropical flavors and aromas

    Shipyard Monkey Fist $6.00
    (6.0% ABV) edgy, approachable and unique. West Coast Style IPA slightly hazy, exploding with aromas of grapefruit, tropical fruits and sweet grains

    South Beach Blood Orange Sunset $7.00
    (6.7% ABV) 100% Florida OJ gives this IPA bright notes of orange, mango and other citrus fruits shine through like the perfect Florida sunset

    Strawberry Letter #23 $8.00
    (7.1% ABV) this brew blurs the lines between IPA, Sour Ale and Fruit Ale. brewed with lactose, soured and fermented on top of ripe strawberries, this bew is super unique and you want to miss it

    Two Hearted Ale $7.00
    (7.0% ABV) Malt backbone with a hop aroma of pine & grapefruit

  • Wines (single can served chilled - all Archer Roose)

    Bubbly $5.00
    (10.5% ABV) Crisp, clean and dry with fruit-forward notes of pear and apple

    Malbec $5.00
    (13.5% ABV) Balanced acidity and dark ripe fruit, with notes of warm vanilla, blackberry and plum

    Red Spritz $5.00
    (6.0% ABV) a red wine lover’s answer to the question: “what do I drink in the summer?”

    Rose $5.00
    (13% ABV) Dry and fruit-forward, with notes of strawberry, raspberry and apricot compote

    Rose Spritz $5.00
    (6.0% ABV) sweet taste of raspberries, lavender, and strawberries

    Sauvignon Blanc $5.00
    (12.5% ABV) Tropical citrus and grapefruit notes with a balanced minerality

    White Spritz $5.00
    (6.0%) white wine blend made from Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia grapes is nothing short of a delight

  • Mead (8oz served chilled - ask about our “Flight of Mead”)

    Dansk Mjod Odins Skull $8.00
    (19% ABV) nordic honey wine, with sour apple juice, hops and cinnamon

    Gi, Dansk Mjod $8.00
    (19% ABV) Sweet and semi-dry with honey, hops, and ginger

    Klapojster Mjod $8.00
    (21.8% ABV) Taste of snaps with honey & hops

    Ribe Mjod $8.00
    (19% ABV) Sense of fruity apple in addition to the sweetness of honey

    Viking Blod $8.00
    (19% ABV) Sweet honey & ginger, with a hibiscus floral aftertaste

    Vikingernes Mjod $8.00
    (19% ABV) Spicy, aromatic, sweet, semi-dry reminiscent of white port wine

  • Sodas & Non-Alcoholic

    Aquafina Water $2.00

    Coke $2.00

    Diet Coke $2.00

    Heineken Zero $2.00

    Iced Coffee $3.50

    Seagrams’s Ginger Ale $2.00

    Sprite $2.00